What is EBI Japanese Conversation School?


This Japanese class is run by me(Ebi). I have been teaching Japanese language for more than 5 years.


Let’s enjoy to learn Japanese!



Please mail me first for taking free trial lesson! I will explain my school systems and rules. You can write anything in Japanese or English!

E-mail: ebijapaneseschool@gmail.com

EBI Japanese Conversation Online School was established for people who want to practice Japanese language with low price.

This school is perfectly private school uses Skype app with video between you and teachers.

Related image      1 lesson (25 mins)  12 US$         

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Because, this school has been run by only me(EBI) for now for being more convenience learning Japanese. I’m working as licensed Japanese teacher in different place and always surprised that students study very hard to improve their Japanese, but they can’t take Japanese lesson often cause of lesson fee is very high.

I’m going to actualize eliminating commission fee. and want people learn Japanese more convenience.

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Please understand the situation for providing low-cost lessons.

No.1    I open schedule before 1 day. Because I work in different place and my schedule is decided 1 day before.

No.2   I made this site by my hands without professional knowledge about programming. You epharmaciefrance might be inconvenience.

 Related image  How to learn Japanese in this school

My school focuses about real conversation. If you have a plan to work or study in Japan or travel to Japan, you can request the situation what you want to learn. I choose the situation for you and practice together in the class.

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Send you E-mail as the review about your class each classes after the lesson. I’m happy that you will be motivated and continue to study Japanese!

If you are interested in my school, Please register first here!


This registration page is written in Japanese. If you cannot understand words, please check the page below first!

If you want to take the free trial lesson, please mail me directly. E...

And then, you can book the Japanese class here!

Please click Reservation below.

Related image Another service 

EBI Japanese Conversation School provides Japanese proofreading and rewriting service, and translation service.


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